What to take with your pet for the duration of your stay?

  • The food he gets at home
  • Health book. For the duration of their stay, the pet’s health book stays with me.
  • Favorite treats, a blanket/bedding with the scent of home, the owner’s T-shirt or sock are also welcome – it will help him feel more secure in the new place
  • You can bring toys, bowls, but please note that we do not take responsibility for your dog’s belongings left at the hotel
  • If the dog is taking medication, please have instructions for its administration.

Animals left with me must:

  • Have a current rabies vaccination,
  • Be protected against ticks.

When can I refuse to take a dog home ?

  • When the dog appears to be suffering from infectious diseases – such as cough or skin diseases about which I was not warned in advance and it would risk possible infection of the roommate if he is at that time
  • When the dog is in bad shape, such as being very weak, having trouble walking (e.g., stairs),
  • If it turns out that the dog reacts with aggression to strangers and other animals.

In the above situations – beyond our control, the deposit is non-refundable.

What do I provide as part of the cost of staying in the house ?

  • 24-hour care
  • Daily treats for each hotel guest as long as there are no objections from the owner
  • Okresowe informacje dla właściciela (sms/whatsApp, Facebook, Instagram lub Messenger) oraz zdjęcia z pobytu psa
  • Periodic information for the owner (sms/whatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or Messenger) and photos of the dog’s stay
  • All-day access to the garden and outdoor exercise
  • In case of the need to visit the vet – we cover the cost of treatment in case of accidents, i.e. cuts. In the event of an illness beyond our control or the discovery of an illness during the stay, the costs are borne by the owner.

If you want to meet the house, you are invited in advance to visit. By prior arrangement, you can come with the dog for an hour, during which he will sniff unknown corners. Familiarization visit is free of charge.

Please note that I do not accept aggressive dogs. Your friend’s stay should be a pleasure for both of us.